Fight Terrorism at Home

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Citizens and residents of multi-cultural Australia cannot afford to be extremists. We should endeavour to remain moderate and resist the calls from both George Bush and his extremist opponents to take sides in their "global struggle" as it has been narrowly defined.

Australians must remain pluralist, and be free to practice any religion (or no religion) under the rule of our national laws.

However, the world's natural laws must also be obeyed by all nations. The United States and Australia encourage the grossest excesses of Western consumerism. Combined with global over-population, it is placing an intolerable strain on the Earth's natural life-support systems.

Let us not forget that George Bush is an oil man whose rejection of the Kyoto protocol poses a severe threat to millions of people around the world. Poor people everywhere are vulnerable to droughts, floods and massive storms. Afghanistan right now is suffering the worst drought in 25 years, an event predicted by Australia's CSIRO scientists and by their computer models of global warming. Global warming can also be thought of as a form of "terrorism" because it is a powerful, unstoppable, and unfeeling destroyer of human lives.

If Bush wants even grudging support from Australians to defeat alleged terrorist threats, then we should demand that the Australian and US governments will immediately ratify the Kyoto Protocol. (sorry about the "typo" in the Arabic where it says "potocol" - you know what we mean!). Global warming is just as big a threat to the future of human civilization as the threat that Bush perceives in Osama bin Laden.

Impatient young people might understandably wish give the United States a bloody nose because of its corporate excesses, and its unforgivably arrogant attitude in world affairs. Be restrained and counselled by older generations, safe in the knowledge that the Western world's high-energy, resource extracting, environment destroying lifestyle must naturally come to an end within our lifetimes as global warming punishes its creators. George Bush in his arrogant blindness believes that "The American way of life is not negotiable", but the forces of nature are irresistible and inevitable, and will force human civilization to adopt a sustainable lifestyle or die. Christian teaching is that "the meek shall inherit the earth". It is to be hoped that American-led global corporatism will not completely trash the planet before they realise their grievous error, otherwise it will clearly be a case of "the meek shall inherit a wasteland"!!

By radically conserving or boycotting fossil fuels in our daily lives, we are fighting back against the fossil fuel industry and its US corporate owners and controllers. People everywhere should join the fight in this "anti-terrorist" campaign, whether it means using bicycles and public transport, boycotting air travel, installing a solar water heater on your roof, growing vegetables in your back yard, or installing a rain water tank.

Young people around the globe can thus channel their understandable aggression and frustrations directly into creating a better future, while at the same time severely punishing the global fossil fuel industries in a legitimate and legal form of economic warfare.

11th September 2011 Update (new, not yet in Arabic below this point)

Three thousand six hundred and fifty-two days have passed since two thousand nine hundred and seventy seven people were tragically killed in the 9/11 attacks. The above Arabic text and English translation has been on the Web since about a month after 9/11 and is indexed by Google.

Within the past 24 hours, in a formal speech about the resilience of the American people, President Obama has said "No matter what comes our way..... we will carry on." Sorry, Mr President but you are wrong, because the perpetual economic growth system which is the basis of the American and just about every other national economy on the planet (Bhutan might be an exception), is based on a massive unscientific lie that growth can be perpetual on a finite planet.

There is absolutely nothing "resilient" about slavishly following a genocidal/suicidal, mass-delusional economic system that will sooner or later cook America's arable lands; drown the coastal cities with sea level rise (starting with the car park at the Pentagon, perhaps?); burn the forests with massive firestorms; smother cities and energy grids with massive Fall/early-Winter blizzards, freezing rain and ultra deep snowstorms. You just wait until "Ms Gaia" really winds up with a 2 degrees Celsius level of warming, enough to flip the planet into a quarter-million-year-long fever, as has happened several times before. These so-called "Super Greenhouse" events are massively disruptive, and can be switched on so suddenly that no amount of geo-engineering is likely to save us from all the upheavals, extinctions and chaos. And yet this will not be Judgement Day, because it is entirely man-made. What would likely have happened about now, absent man's recklessly excessive fossil fuel combustion was another Ice Age: unpleasant, granted, but at least the oceans stay sweet with oxygen, and don't become stinking black slime with the stench of toxic rotten egg gas eruptions poisoning remnant species on the land.

If any terrorist group claimed to have a plan to brainwash and then slowly kill 6.7 billion people in a mass-suicide pact, entered into without a vote, without consent and without free will, then we would all be quite miffed, and "probably" try to snap our tiny gullible minds out of the toxic trance so as to fight back. But as I review the forecasts of climate science over the past two decades, and see the sickening power of the fossil fuel lobby, the probability of this deliberate deadly outcome being implemented by a handful of rich people who control the global energy market seems more and more likely. Why is it, Mr President, that you are allowing these reckless free market bucaneers to kill the American people so inexorably and, IMO, "deliberately"? It is time to call their bluff, and re-engineer the global economy on a truly sustainable, population-constrained, non-consumerist basis. True leadership in 2011 is standing up to powerful vested interests who will surely kill us all if they are left unchecked. "..the economy, Stupid?" NO! It's the stupid economy that will kill its creators who are too clever by half.

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