This 1987 report was originally commissioned jointly by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SECV) and the Victorian Solar Energy Council. Its conversion to hypertext has been performed in the public interest, on a pro bono basis, by Michael Gunter.

The original 1987 Study was funded by publicly-owned State entities, and this version is being disseminated freely for any person/entity to examine. Energy-sector planners, coastal energy users, and community groups interested in becoming "embedded generators" by erecting and running pollution-free wind power stations ("wind farms"), are encouraged to use the information contained in, associated with, or linked by hypertext-links to this document, to achieve their worthy goals. Any copyright holder who is aggrieved by this electronic publication should make a prompt, direct (i.e. not via a lawyer) request for this valuable information to be removed from the public arena.

When the Breamlea wind generator was bought by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) in September 1994, the ATA came into posession of a set of data files, being almost complete copies of the hourly data collected from the ten coastal sites. Now that the Breamlea wind generator has been sold by the ATA, the new owner also has copies of the wind data, presented as zipped dBaseIII+ (.dbf) files which can be downloaded from:

Now that interested parties have access to the data in detail, it will not be necessary to reproduce (with a few exceptions) in this suite of documents the ninety-six A4 charts of "Wind and Energy Roses", and approximately forty pages of tables of "joint frequency distributions" published in the original hard copy. Any really serious student of the Victorian wind regime can now analyse the original data files and even apply the formulae in the main text to chart parameters of particular interest.

The figures worthy of reproduction here include:

Mini-charts of daily and annual variations in wind speed/flux (Figure 23)

Wind Direction charted against frequency, speed and std. deviation of direction(this is a graphical presentation of most of the data from the forty pages of tables mentioned above)

Correlation between Weibull constant and average speed

Synoptic chart of 29 July 1985 (when the wind at Apollo Bay reached 140 km/hr)

Chart of site elevation vs. wind energy flux
Some of these figures are of large(!) format, and may be difficult to print from your browser. Reasonable results can be obtained by saving the graphics files (right click, "save as" in Netscape) then print the file(s) with Graphics Workshop, Paint Shop Pro, or similar graphics software.

The "Plates" referred to in the Study were a series of colour postcard-sized snapshots of the arduous work performed in setting-up the monitoring systems, and seem of minor relevance after the passing of a decade. It is to be hoped that those paying for the study appreciated that their money was being well spent. The plates have not been reproduced in this version.